1. No trolling, harassment, bullying, insulting, doxing, or antagonization.
  2. No racist, sexist, homophobic, hateful, bigoted, discriminatory, or grossly offensive language, content, or behavior.
  3. No cheating, hacking, exploiting, ghosting, stream-sniping, or otherwise gaining an unfair and illegitimate advantage in the game.
  4. No intentional teamkilling, regardless of the situation. All accidental TKs must be reported in-game immediately.
  5. No spamming of any form of communication - voice comms or text chat.
  6. No advertising, or recruiting.
  7. English is the primary language used on the server.
  8. No ticket discussion in server chat at anytime. This includes saying, "GG," in chat. Before the game is over.
  9. All players are required to have three English characters in their in-game name.
  10. Any actions deemed as asset wasting, griefing, or other intentional detrimental conduct to the player base, team, or server is prohibited.
  11. Admin action may be taken at any given time to protect the integrity of our server and community.